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We believe that the works of God are visible and credible. The Lord challenges us the "true religion is taking care of widows and orphans". God’s love should be portrayed in simple uncomplicated compassion for the hungry and the sick. The integrity of Christianity is doubted when we watch kids go for days on end without a meal. You can make the difference by helping feed the defenseless orphans who cry to God on empty stomachs. Additionally, MCDF pays for school fees, school uniforms and stationary at an average cost of $120 per child per year. Education is a sure tool of driving the vulnerable groups from generational cycles of poverty. Your sponsorship will break this cycle. Primary school kids school fees including uniform average about $120 per year while High school is $330 per year. Teachers College average $700 per semester while Bible College costs around $1,200 per year.


To fulfill the Great Commission call in Matthew 28:18-19,Loving people as God does (John 3:16), offering salvation of the soul and the body, of the individual and society, mankind and the “groaning creation” (Rom. 8:19).