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Drill a Village Well

MCDF drills wells for villagers in a semi arid region of Southern Africa that often receives little or no rainfall. Due to the topography and depth of water table, wells reach sufficient water at depth in excess of 400 feet. Our average costs to sink a single well is $7,000. According to the United Nations:

• 2,6 billion people( 41% of the global population) lacks access to sanitation and clean water.
• 88% of all diarrheal deaths are attributed to unsafe water supply.
• 1,8 billion people die annually from diarrheal diseases of which 90% are children.
• Better water hygiene and sanitation reduce diarrheal incidence by 26% and deaths by 65%.
• Water improves the privacy and dignity for women and girls.
• $1 invested in sanitation will give a return of $9.

Among other uses of water, we have introduced drip irrigation schemes to conserve the ground water. Drip irrigation technology uses about 10% of the amount of water ordinarily used for watering plants.

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