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Education Sponsorship

One of the anchor ministries of MCDF is extending the dream of education to children whose families have been negatively impacted by the AIDS epidemic in direct and indirect ways. It is our core believe that introduction of biblical principles and good education to these children will slow down, if not outright remove the curse of the AIDS epidemic from their innocent lives, a curse which could potentially have multi generational consequences. We believe these are small steps in recreating a new generation that moves past curse of AIDS and become responsible productive citizens for the kingdom. Sponsorship normally covers the cost of tuition, books and uniforms as well as lodging and travel for older kids studying in remote locations. The Foundation is currently sponsoring children in all stages of education, from primary school to college. Meticulous and conscientious effort is made to identify the needy and at risk youth. Sponsored youth are monitored quarterly and are also expected, at a minimum, to track well with their studies and to keep up with the Christian principles upon which the Foundation is based. Sponsored youth of college and high school level are also occasionally expected to be part of the mentoring team for younger kids during school breaks and to be active in partnering with mission teams that visit the villages.


To fulfill the Great Commission call in Matthew 28:18-19,Loving people as God does (John 3:16), offering salvation of the soul and the body, of the individual and society, mankind and the “groaning creation” (Rom. 8:19).