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Wish List

We can use every imaginable thing that is in good working order!
• Computer and computer accessories (printers, cartridges
• Gift cards for stationery, clothing and computer accessories
• New or used tractos
• Hoes and ploughs
• Well drilling rigs
• All types of school suppliers from pens and pencils to book bags and paper
• Sunday school materials
• Water filters/purifies
• Medical supplies for commo ailments (Tylenol. aspirin, vitamins etc)
• Non perishable food items (granola bars etc)
• Bicycles and bicycle parts
• Sports equipment and uniforms
• Sponsorship of family animal purchases (goat ($50) or cow $400)
• All types of tools used in building and repairs (hand saws, drills, spanners etc)
• All manner of music instruments (guitars, organs, violins etc)
• All manner of medical equipment (crutches, wheel chairs)
• Chairs/furniture for village churches
• All manner of toys
• Mission truck
• Motorcycles for mentors/ministers


To fulfill the Great Commission call in Matthew 28:18-19,Loving people as God does (John 3:16), offering salvation of the soul and the body, of the individual and society, mankind and the “groaning creation” (Rom. 8:19).