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The change of dry arid land into life sustaining year round gardens that provide vegetables and many nutrients can be the difference between a child's survival or starvation in harcher drought periods. Garden sponsorship has various levels including initial seeds that costs about $100, ploughs, hoes and the ultimate need for fencing that costs about $3,000 for a full garden that supports about 50 families. Gardens can all be outfitted with a water well ($7,000) to aid the irrigation or use various types of drip irrigation equipment if there is nearby water that can be fetched by buckets and transported to the drip irrigation equipment ($1,000 per garden).


To fulfill the Great Commission call in Matthew 28:18-19,Loving people as God does (John 3:16), offering salvation of the soul and the body, of the individual and society, mankind and the “groaning creation” (Rom. 8:19).