About Us

Mushayamunda Christian Development Foundation (MCDF) was formed in early 2000 by the Mushayamunda Brothers and their families (Donald (Maud), Dereck (Yvonne), Dennis (Girlie) and Daniel (Nicole) to serve the people of Matsai area in Bikita, Zimbabwe. The brothers were inspired to start the organization in honor of their late parents Tangston (Matangira) and Sipelile (Mai Lee) who loved the people and who were faithful servants to the people of Matsai.

MCDF seeks to partner with like minded people and churches/organizations to create inspired serving opportunities directed towards disadvantaged communities, especially orphans and widows whose life processes have been changed by the prevalence of AIDS and poverty in Zimbabwe. For a few dollars a day you can support life changing ministry efforts towards orphaned children, support the availability of clean drinking water, augment food availability by developing irrigation/gardening projects, buying basic food stuff to feed the hungry while carrying out the great commission as envisaged in Mathew 28.


To fulfill the Great Commission call in Matthew 28:18-19,Loving people as God does (John 3:16), offering salvation of the soul and the body, of the individual and society, mankind and the “groaning creation” (Rom. 8:19).

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